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20+ years of bagpiping experience and a professional teaching background (M.Ed.) to help you achieve your bagpiping dreams!

"With my musical and instructional background, I have brought students of all ages and musical experience from zero to playing the pipes confidently in a matter of several months, with weekly private lessons."

Anthony teaches online through video call and in person at his home in Houston, Texas. All that's required to start is a desire to learn, a practice chanter (Anthony can recommend a brand that is sold on Amazon for under $90). Anthony will also supply a free instructional e-book (don't waste money on buying tutor books!) and free sheet music.

No prior musical experience needed!

Lessons Pricing: $60 for 1 hour, $50 for 45 mins, $40 for 1/2 hour

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"I can highly recommend this very talented musician. I have taken five lessons with Anthony and have very much enjoyed his passion and teaching style. He is patient and non-judgmental and has a very thoughtful process for learning bagpipe techniques. I appreciate that he sends me a video demonstration of what we just covered in the lesson to fall back on. Anthony played thunderstruck by AC/DC for me once and it was simply amazing." -Gregory

"Anthony takes time to explain concepts and assists you when you have difficulty understanding how to play a piece. He gets on your level to make sure you stay motivated and encourages you to keep practicing and makes playing fun so you become a great piper! He is a professional and comes highly recommended for every the new pipers like myself." - Omar

"Anthony is a great teacher; patient and understanding. I am learning much more than I would on my own. When I hit difficult phrases, he helps breakdown the segments then build them back together. Highly recommended!" - Therese

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